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Powell Sonaré PS-905KT Professional Series Flute With Aurumite 9K Lip Plate and Tubing


The new 905 model is the first Powell Sonaré flute to offer a professional mechanism, hand-finished at the Powell factory in Maynard, Massachusetts. This drawn tone hole flute has a Sterling Silver Body and Headjoint, and features an elegant Aurumite 9K crown, lip plate, and barrel. The Nickel Silver mechanism is silver-plated and is offered with French open holes, pointed arms, 10K White Gold springs, and Straubinger Phoenix Pads. Additional options include your choice of B or C footjoint, in-line or offset G keys, C# trill or Split-E (offset models only).

  • BODY
  • Pitch :A-442
  • Tubing Material :Sterling Silver
  • Tubing Thickness :.016 " / 0,406mm
  • Tone hole Type :Drawn only
  • Footjoint :B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo :Standard
  • Scale :Modern Powell Scale
  • Tube Material :Aurumite 9K
  • Lip Plate Material :Aurumite 9K
  • Wall Material :Sterling Silver
  • Crown Material :Aurumite 9K
  • Type :Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws
  • Keywork Material :Nickel Silver, Silver Plated
  • G keys :In-line or Offset
  • Cups :French or American
  • Arms :Pointed Arms
  • Split-E :Available
  • C# Trill :Available
  • Springs :10K White Gold
  • PADS
  • Type :Straubinger Phoenix