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The Repair Shed

Get instrument repairs done from anywhere. We have low costs to make sure you can afford the repair and shipping. Harry Choin has been working on woodwind and brass instruments for about 4 years. He cares about the quality craftsmanship to get your horn in perfect working order. please call  or send us an email for more information. 




Repair Pricing

Brass Instrument Repad  
Soprano & Alto Saxophone $300
Tenor & C-Melody Saxophone $375
Baritone Saxophone $550
Bass Saxophone $750  
Woodwind Repad Overhaul
Eb & Bb Clarinet $200 $275
Alto Clarinet $200 $280
Bass Clarinet $300 $375
Eb Contra Bass Clarinet $425 $480
Bb Contra Bass Clarinet $425 $480
Flute (closed hole) $165 $220
Flute (open hole) $185
$210 b Foot
Alto Flute $200 $250
Piccolo $175 $220
Oboe $240 $365
Oboe Full Conservatory $310 $420
Bassoon $310 $400
Woodwind Body Repairs Body Repair  
Crack Repair $105  
Bb Clarinet Joint Replacement $110 plus cost of Joint  
Bassoon, Oboe & Bass Clarinet Joint Replacement $175 plus cost of Joint



Ultrasonic Cleaning (Starting at $65)

Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe and thorough cleaning process that cleans instruments inside and out without using harsh chemicals. It safely removes deposits and years of built-up "gunk" that occurs with common use. We recommend cleaning brass instruments—trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone and French horns—once every year. Cost is $65. Pulling stuck slides and replacing felts and corks if needed is extra and will be assessed when we see the instrument. 


Woodwind musical instrument repair typically fall into three categories, very minor repair, average repair, and major repair. Your repair needs may range from very small issues--a missing cork or a broken spring--to complete refurbishing. Regardless of the extent of work necessary, all instruments will be adjusted to play. Some of the most common repairs performed are the repad and complete overhaul.

Repad includes everything except restoring the finish. All pads, joint corks and key corks are replaced. Springs are checked and replaced if needed. Tone holes, including raised tone holes, are cleaned. Keys are adjusted and reinstalled. Instrument is then adjusted to play. The horn will play like it is brand new. 

A complete overhaul involves all the work of a repad plus restoring the finish. The horn will look and play like it is Brand new


Please call or email us for more information about re-plating your instrument. This is a process that does take about a month to two months. We can provide loaners during this time period. 

Final Adjustments
All woodwind instruments are subjected to complete adjustment and testing before being released back to the customer. If after the requested repair has been performed and the instrument will not pass this testing, the customer will be notified and appraised of the additional necessary repair.

For repairs not listed, please Contact us for a quote.


Brass musical instrument repairs range from a simple make-play tuneup to dent removal and spot refinishing. We work on trumpet, cornet, baritone, trombone and French horn, large brass and saxophone. Below are the services rendered for each instrument when performing make-play repairs.

Trumpet, Cornet, Baritone horn ($65)
Playing condition consists of:

  • Slides pulled and polished.
  • Interior of instrument is flushed out.
  • Valves polished and new felts and corks installed.
  • Valve casings cleaned.
  • New water key corks.
  • Any loose bracing cleaned and soldered.

Trombone ($65)

  • Playing condition consists of:
  • Tuning slide pulled and polished.
  • Hand slide cleaned and aligned.
  • Dents removed if necessary.
  • Interior of instrument is flushed out.
  • New water key cork.

French Horn (Single $75.00, Double $90.00)

  • Playing condition consists of:
  • Slides pulled and polished.
  • Valves removed and chemically cleaned.
  • Valve casings chemically cleaned.
  • Interior of instrument is flushed out.
  • Valve stop plates are re corked.
  • Valves are reassembled and restrung.
  • Any loose bracing is cleaned and soldered.

Customer will be notified if any other work needs to be performed.