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Meinl Weston 25 4/4 Rotary Valve BBb Tuba MW25

Meinl Weston 25 4/4 Rotary Valve BBb Tuba MW25

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For almost four decades, the Meinl-Weston Model 25 BBb-Tuba has set the standard for top quality BBb-Tubas in the United States.
It is renowned for its quality of sound, construction and durability.
Since a large majority of top players in the USA use CC Tubas, the Meinl-Weston 25 is usually the choice of top amateur players and Schools looking for the best tuba they can purchase.

Over the years, a few changes have been made on the 25, with the inclusion of spring-action 3B linkages, nickelsilver leadpipe, and moving the fourth slide to the front of the Tuba for easier access.

  • Key :Bb
  • Model :Next generation
  • Bore :.768" / 19,5 mm
  • Bell :17.7" / 44,9 cm
  • Height :41.7" / 105,9 cm
  • Size :4/4 size (compact)
  • Valves :4 rotary valves
  • Features :3B™ linkage system, yellow brass, incl. gig bag and accessories
  • Finish :Clear lacquer finish
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