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Leblanc Serenade LCL511S Clarinet

Leblanc Serenade LCL511S Clarinet

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The new Leblanc Serenade is the result of combining Leblanc’s rich history of instrument manufacturing dating back to 1750, with the most modern, cutting edge technology available. Featuring eye catching Grenadilla wood of the highest quality which under goes our unique multistage ageing and machining process,precision engineered cold forged key-work and, most importantly, a beautiful rich sound,the Leblanc Serenade is the perfect instrument for every aspiring Clarinetist.

The Serenade II also features metal tenon caps to reinforce and protect the wood and a new proprietary bore polishing process which increases the playing response and projection. With great innovations in tone hole placement to give an even sound, resistance, and intonation across the range of the instrument, the Serenade II is a clarinet that easily plays at the level of instruments double its price.

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