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Bach 17043GYR Apollo 170 Series Trumpet

Bach 17043GYR Apollo 170 Series Trumpet

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The Bach 170 trumpet is a modern take on an original model by Vincent Bach. While the Stradivarius is well known for its iconic 1-piece trumpet bell, Bach’s original design featured a two-piece bell. Our new 170 line of professional-level instruments feature the same valve block and chassis as the world-famous 180 line of trumpets. Paired with our first ever 2-piece, 2-material bell that has been treated with the same top-secret annealing processes as our Stradivarius trumpets, the result is an instrument fit for a modern trumpet player of any style.

The 17043GYR features a two-piece 43 bell with a gold brass stem and yellow brass flare. The unique combination of materials results in a sound that offers the depth and richness associated with gold brass with the brilliance and shine of yellow brass. It is built on an ML .459” one-piece brass valve chassis, the same as our 180 line, and has a lightweight body with brass inner and outer slides, and brass Z braces. The model has been modernized with a new 6-style reversed leadpipe that offers exceptionally quick response and ease of play.


  • One-piece brass valve block with brass inner and outer slides
  • Two-piece, bottom seam, brass wire, standard weight #43GY bell with a gold brass stem and yellow brass flare
  • Brass Z braces
  • NEW 6R leadpipe – the quickest responding leadpipe we make for optimal agility and ease of play
  • .459” Medium large bore
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