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Yanagisawa Elite Soprano Saxophone SWO10/SWO20/SWO37

Yanagisawa Elite Soprano Saxophone SWO10/SWO20/SWO37

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Yanagisawa ‘Elite’ models are true player’s instruments that represent the pinnacle of saxophone craftsmanship. Delivering a moderate level of resistance, the accomplished player can discover a truly effortless tone with unrivalled depth and flexibility, and a genuinely unparalleled freedom of expression.

Equipped with new necks (in both the curved and straight designs) that offer an improved playing experience with tonal stability, these instruments deliver a more focused tonal core with just the right balance of resistance.

  • Keys: Bb
  • Range: Low Bb to High G
  • Necks: Interchangeable (straight and curved necks provided)
  • Body: Brass, hand-engraved


  • Fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker
  • C# - Bb connected table key
  • C# - Bb & C# - B double connected table key
  • White shell lined indented keys
  • Single Unit Seat (Base)
  • Pointed pivot screw
  • Air tight waterproof pads
  • Needle spring
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