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Selmer SPC301 Student Piccolo

Selmer SPC301 Student Piccolo

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For over 135 years, Selmer has been making the highest quality woodwind instruments in the world, and they bring that expertise and experience to their student SPC301 piccolo. Selmer's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each SPC301 delivers the best performance experience whether it is played in the classroom or on stage.


The key to the student SPC301 piccolo is the Grenadite hand-cut headjoint. Grenadite is a proprietary blend of 6 different materials, the largest portion of which being Grenadilla wood. This material helps produce a darker and richer tone than ABS resin. Additionally, the headjoint is handcut to ensure easy response and a resonant tone, unlike any other student piccolo on the market. All Selmer flutes and piccolos are hand assembled, feature beautiful and fluid keywork, Pisoni pads, made of premium quality materials, and professionally set up at Conn-Selmer’s Center for Woodwind Excellence located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

The premium student, hand-cut headjoint is made of Grenadite, which contains qualities similar to Grenadilla wood that adds greater depth, richness, and variety to the tonal spectrum. Additionally, this proprietary blend of material is able to withstand extreme temperature and humidity changes without cracking. The beautifully designed and hand-cut headjoint responds effortlessly, providing easy first tones that are rich, expressive, and even through all registers.

The keywork is hand assembled to the same specifications as Selmer's intermediate and professional piccolos with carefully adjusted springs that create a light, fast and fluid key action. Additionally, these piccolos feature Pisoni pads, ensuring long-lasting pad seating and stability.

The combination of the Grenadite headjoint with the synthetic body gives performers a piccolo that plays outstandingly and is also sturdy, durable, and withstands variation in atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity extremes. The conical bore combined with the carefully designed tone hole system create an incredibly in-tune piccolo with wonderful resonance.

Every Selmer piccolo is professionally set up, play-tested, and adjusted at the Conn-Selmer Center for Woodwind Excellence located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA to ensure each instrument is received in optimal, professional adjustment and ready to last a lifetime.

  • Rich, resonant, projecting tone
  • Easy articulation
  • Carefully balanced key action
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Precise intonation


  • Premium Student Hand Cut Head Joint Made of Grenadite Composite Material
  • Body Made ABS Resin
  • Conical Bore
  • Pisoni Pads
  • ABS Stackable Case
  • Silver Plated Keys
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