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Selmer Paris/Seles B16 “Prologue" Bb Clarinet

Selmer Paris/Seles B16 “Prologue" Bb Clarinet

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The Prologue clarinet is enriched with the experience and ingenuity of Henri SELMER Paris through the company's history of conception and fabrication of clarinets of quality, recognized throughout the world. Light and easy to play, the Prologue clarinet offers immediate comfort. With ergonomic keywork specially designed for clarinetists of all levels that enables a natural and rapid adaptation to the instrument. Ease of response and emission is ensured through its specifically designed bore, as well as enormous flexibility across all registers of the instrument and homogeneity of sound from top to bottom. Our acoustic research has allowed for an optimization of the instrument's intonation, which puts the Prologue in a remarkable position in its category. The Prologue clarinet is available in Bb. 

The instrument is also available with an optional Eb lever. 


The keywork silver-plating of the Prologue clarinet is obtained through a new technology different from the one used for other Henri SELMER Paris clarinet models. 
It is specially adapted for student range instruments. 

A coat of protective product is affixed onto the silver-plating making it more resistant to oxidation and scratches. 

Your clarinet does not require any special maintenance regarding the keywork. 
In order to clean the keys, just use a plain microfiber cloth. 
Avoid using abrasive products for cleaning the keys. 

  • Key of Bb
  • Pitch: 440-442 Hz
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • Adjustable thumb rest with ring
  • Valentino pads
  • Bell ring maade of high strength elastomer
  • Optional Eb lever
  • Henri Selmer Paris "Focus" Mouthpiece
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