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Jiggs Student Model PBONE Mini Plastic Trombone



Jiggs mini pBone is a fully functioning, medium bore, Eb tenor trombone constructed in ABS and fiberglass. It comes in an outfit complete with carrying bag and mouthpiece. The pBone mini was conceived by the team who brought Jiggs pBone to the world, and is aimed at young, beginner brass players taking their first steps.

pBone mini is incredibly light and durable and its special mouthpiece makes it easy for the very young player to get a great sound and a quickly develop skills for crossing harmonics and developing a useful working range. It has a full seven positions and has been tuned to have a great first octave.


pBone mini is an Eb alto trombone. This means that is smaller and higher in pitch. It’s great for existing trombone players to explore the world of the alto trombone but it is designed primarily as a terrific starter instrument for small children. The pBone mini mouthpiece is designed to be a good fit for smaller children, helping them get started and hit more notes more quickly. The pBone mini is easy to play, has an excellent first octave intonation and is lightweight.



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