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Hans Hoyer 702 Single Bb French Horn HH702-1-0

Hans Hoyer 702 Single Bb French Horn HH702-1-0

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The Meister Hans Hoyer Single horns are made from only the best materials offered and with the knowledge of over 200 years of brass instrument manufacturing. While light and vibrant, they are still able to deliver the sound of a full-fledged orchestral instrument. The ease of both response and maneuverability allow the player to achieve success and, therefore, experience greater enjoyment playing the horn. The adjustable finger hook is standard and allows best ergonomics.

  • Key :Bb
  • Bore :.468" / 11,90 mm
  • Bell :12.204" hand-hammered medium throat, fixed / 310 mm
  • Valves :3 conical rotary valves, 3B linkage system
  • Features :Gold brass lead pipe, 3D adjustable pinky hook
  • Finish :Clear lacquer
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