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Buffet Crampon Légende Boxwood Bb Clarinet BC1156BL-2-0

Buffet Crampon Légende Boxwood Bb Clarinet BC1156BL-2-0

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During prehistoric times, boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens) was used in the making of hunting tools and weapons due to its solidity and hardness. Later in the Middle Ages, it was used to make moulds for hammering out shapes in gold or silver in jewellery making. And it was a little over 300 years ago that it was the wood of choice for master instrument makers thanks to its mechanical and acoustic properties. Its very slow growth (about 1cm in diameter and 50cm in height every 10 to 15 years) is what gives it a density comparable to that of the grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon).

Benefiting from the best of all the innovation that has come out of Buffet Crampon in recent years, notably in the treatment of wood, we are very happy this year, in 2020, to present a limited edition of our LÉGENDE clarinet in boxwood. Lighter in weight and benefiting from the same careful manufacturing as its Grenadilla-wood counterpart, it offers more softness and roundness in timbre, bringing out a special and unique vibration making it one of a kind.

In order to make the clarinet as reliable and suitable as modern instruments, the LÉGENDE in boxwood retains all the technical attributes of that in grenadilla: its inserts in Green LinE, its ergonomic rings, its gold-plated trimmings and, of course, its legendary bore. Two quality checks for the bore will be included, free of charge, beyond the warranty period, in order to always provide the musician with the assurance of a rich and warm timbre.

For musicians wishing to convey the authenticity of historical materials and benefit from the reliability of modern clarinets, the LÉGENDE in boxwood will lend itself perfectly to performances in chamber music as well as the repertoire for chamber orchestra.

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