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Antoine Courtois Creation 551 New York Bass Trombone

Antoine Courtois Creation 551 New York Bass Trombone

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The Antoine Courtois New York series trombones have been developed in collaboration with two outstanding American orchestral players, Paul Denson Pollard for the bass trombone, and Weston Sprott for the tenor trombone, both members of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

These two instruments are evolutions of the LEGEND models with many different features such as specially designed leadpipes, venturi and playing slides, different set-ups for the assembling points, as well as an ergonomic handrest.

For the first time in Antoine Courtois’ history, both of these models are equipped with a specially designed bell with a cut screw ring flare, which enables these instruments to be transported in a deluxe flat case, hardly larger than a viola case, making them much more travel friendly.

The screw ring on the bell flare also brings a more compact, focused sound with a lot of projection, which both players are particularly pleased with.

  • Key :Bb/F/G-Gb/Eb-D
  • Bore :Dual bore .562" - .578" / 14,28 mm - 14,68 mm
  • Bell :One piece yellow or gold brass, interchangeable, screw ring 9.5" / 241 mm
  • Slide :Dual bore standard brass outer slide with nickel silver sleeves, hard chrome plated nickel silver inner slide, interchangeable lead pipe, ergonomic hand grip
  • Features :Hand hammered one piece interchangeable bells in yellow brass or gold brass with screw ring (to put in flat case), two independent inline René Hagmann®free flow valves with progressive bore, convertible G/Gb second valve tuning system, ergonomic left-hand rest
  • Finish :Clear lacquered
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