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Bach TB200B Selmer Trombone


This Bach TB200B Selmer Trombone is perfect for student beginners, as well as amateur musicians. It has a .525” medium-large bore, allowing for great projection, and a colorful and broad sound. The inner handslide tubes are made of chrome plated nickel silver, providing an ideal surface for quick and smooth playing. This trombone is in good condition, with a few minor abrasions to the metal. The case is in great condition, with a couple paint stains on the outside, but there aren’t any tears to the inner, or outer parts.



  • .525" bore
  • Key of F/Bb
  • 8" yellow brass bell
  • Standard wrap F attachment with standard rotor
  • Yellow brass outer slide
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • 4863 woodshell case