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Clarinet Playing Aids


  • $9.99

    D'Addario Reserve Mouthpiece Cushions Pack of 5

    Cushions for Grip and Accuracy

  • $1.80

    Francois Louis Ligature & Lyre Screws

    Spare screws come with the Francois Louis Ligature.

  • $33.99

    Vandoren Hygro Reed Cases

    Designed to maintain reeds in optimal humidity conditions by incorporating air circulation and humidity indicator discs. Holds 6 Reeds.

  • $3.00

    D'Addario Mouthpiece Savers

    Cloth for your Clarinet and Saxophone Mouthpieces.

  • $27.99

    Rovner Mark III Ligature

    Maximum performance types that yield the best response, clearest, biggest sound, and playability of any ligature available.

  • $5.99
  • from $2.04

    Mouthpiece Caps

    Generic Sax and Clarinet spare caps

    from $2.04
  • from $4.95

    Metal Mouthpiece Caps

    N = Nickel Plated/ G = Gold Lacquer

    from $4.95
  • $22.99
  • $70.00

    Forestone Reed Case

    Beautiful maple wood shell construction with velvet interior holder. Glass interior plate offers protection against reed warping and tip damage. Fo...

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  • $31.99

    Vandoren Reed Cases

    Designed to fit in a shirt pocket and provide the exact amount of ventilation needed to prevent the reeds from warping. Offered with slots to hold ...

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  • from $8.50

    Yamaha Accessories

    Flute and Clarinet accessories made by Yamaha.

    from $8.50
  • $14.49

    Jones Reed Soaker

    Watertight cup with lid for soaking reeds. Attaches to music stand, clip included.

  • $1.10


    Fits over the clarinet thumb rest and helps maintain proper finger position. Each packaged separately in poly bags.